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Elysia is designed to be modular and lightweight.

Following the same idea as Arch Linux (btw, I use Arch):

Design decisions are made on a case-by-case basis through developer consensus

To ensure that developers endup with performant web server they intent to created.

That's why Elysia is creating pre-built common pattern plugin for convinient usage for developers:

Official plugins:

  • Bearer - retreiving Bearer token automatically
  • CORS - setup Cross Origin Request request
  • Cron - setup cronjob
  • Eden - end-to-end type safe client for Elysia
  • GraphQL Apollo - run GraphQL Apollo on Elysia
  • GraphQL Yoga - run GraphQL Yoga on Elysia
  • HTML - convenient plugin for handling HTML response
  • JWT - authentication with JWT
  • Static - serve static file/folders
  • Swagger - generate Swagger documentation in 1 line
  • tRPC - add tRPC support
  • WebSocket - websocket support

Community plugins:

  • Lucia Auth - Authentication, simple and clean
  • Elysia Clerk - Unofficial Clerk plugin for ElysiaJS
  • Elysia Polyfills - run Elysia ecosystem on Node and Deno
  • Vite - Simple Elysia plugin that helps you use Vite. It serve your entry html file with Vite's scripts injected
  • Elysia Helmet - secure Elysia apps with various HTTP headers.
  • Vite Plugin SSR - Vite Plugin SSR using Elysia server
  • OAuth2 - handle OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow
  • Rate Limit - simple lightweight rate limiter
  • Logysia - classic logging elysia middleware
  • Logger - pino logging elysia middleware
  • Elysia Lambda - deploy Elysia on AWS Lambda
  • Decorators - use typescript decorators with elysia
  • Autoroutes - file system routes for Elysia
  • Group Router - file system and folder-based router for groups.
  • Basic Auth - basic http authentication for Elysia.
  • ETag - automatic HTTP ETags generation for Elysia.
  • Basic Auth - Basic http authentication for Elysia (using 'request' event).
  • i18n - i18n wrapper for Elysia based on i18next
  • Elysia Request ID - Adds/Forwards request IDs (X-Request-ID or custom).

If you have plugin written for Elysia, feels free to share you plugin by creating PR to documentation repo.